The college core values are the beliefs that define and direct our work through the college and its operations. The college has chosen these ten core values embodied in the Acronym SPHECEDIIT to highlight what we believe in and what guides our overall operations.


safety is the cornerstone of high quality health care. We are committed to providing safe environment for our patients, co-workers and ourselves.

Team work

we work together as a team, harnessing our individual qualities and knowledge and combining them to achieve our common goal.

Hard work

we put in a great deal of effort and endurance in whatever we do because we believe that success travels in the company of hard work.


is striving to exceed the highest quality in an environment of collaboration, shared knowledge, innovation, scholarship and leadership.


is accountability, responsibility, dependability and commitment to excellence and ethical principles.

Empathy and Caring

encompasses our interest, concern and mentorship we demonstrate for patients, communities and each other.


acting with honesty, fairness and sincerity in all endeavors in an ethical and professional manner.

Critical thinking and Curiosity

we use our critical thinking skills to make decisions when patients present problems for which there may not be clear text book solutions. We also use this skill to question wonder and explore various perspectives and possibilities in order to best help our clients.


at ACHCONSA we build a culture of innovation, believing that a tomorrow without innovation is like a tomorrow that remains stagnant rather than progressive. Innovation gives us insight, shows us possibilities that once did not exist, opens the door to opportunity and brings value health care delivery, outcomes, patient experience and the progress of nursing.

Dedication and Discipline

we are dedicated and passionate about what we do; we always go the extra mile in finding solutions that will provide satisfactory client care. Discipline helps us to keep moving even when the going gets tough because we have a mission and a vision.